Falk Gearbox Repair & Rebuild Services

Why Choose Geartec for Your Falk Gearbox Repairs?

The Falk Corporation has been a fixture of Milwaukee’s industrial landscape for over 120 years and was family-owned until the late 1960s. With a focus on gear production, Falk helped modernize industrial manufacturing, serving a wide array of industries, and thus allowing the company to weather most economic downturns. Geartec understands the importance of keeping your equipment up and running and we have the in-house expertise to repair your Falk gears. We use decades of experience and state-of-the-art equipment to fix or rebuild your unit quickly. We understand that time is money and offer rush repair services to get your Falk Gearbox back to peak performance. Geartec has emerged as a leader in the gear manufacturing industry and offers services related to industrial gearbox repair. We can produce quality and custom gears of a variety of sizes to fit necessary specifications. Our onsite engineers have perfected their reverse engineering, disassembly, other capabilities to create noticeable advantages for our clients. Quality is important to us. Geartec strictly follows ISO standards to maintain unrivaled quality. We pride ourselves on our quick turnarounds, emergency breakdown repair, and personalized service around the clock.

GearTec offers emergency breakdown analysis and industrial gearbox repair services to allow our customers to get back up and running in the quickest amount of time possible. As an industry leader, we ensure urgent cases are expedited in order to provide speedy, reliable service on your gearbox project.


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Falk Gearbox Repair Process

Before getting into the nuts and bolts, we will carefully inspect your equipment. Next, our experts will carefully disassemble, clean, and catalog each part. After testing and reverse engineering, we identify what parts will need to be replaced and which components can be repaired. Based on our findings, we provide the customer with a detailed report and quote. Prior to rebuilding or repairing the Falk Gearbox, we begin by ordering or manufacturing bearings, bolts, breathers, and other necessary elements. Once the Falk gearbox repair is complete, we will clean the unit and conduct testing to ensure we send it back in the best condition possible. We will test for vibration, overheating, and leaking.
Gearbox before repair Before
Gearbox after repair After

Types of Falk Gearboxes

Falk Gearboxes, also known as gear reducers, are necessary for allowing industrial machinery to run smoothly. Gearboxes are needed to help machines increase speed and output more torque to handle larger loads. Falk gearboxes are used in various industries and environments depending on the specific type of gearbox or reducer. Here are some of the most common Falk gearbox models:
  • Falk Concentric Shaft Reducers (CSR’s) are predominantly used in mining, forestry, food industries and other industrial sectors. CSR’s are highly efficient and are made for high torque applications while featuring high reduction capacity and low noise levels
  • Falk Parallel Shaft Reducers (PSR’s) are used heavily in the rubber, textile, and mining industries. PSR’s are known for their customizable design, compact power, and low-cost maintenance.
  • Falk Right Angle Reducers (RAR’s) are specifically designed for small spaces and have a relatively low footprint.
Given their significance and importance, having any gearbox fail or break would result in costly downtime. At Geartec, we offer Falk gearbox rebuild or rush repair services and an in-depth analysis of industrial gearboxes. Don’t let broken industrial gearboxes halt your operation. We are always here to help with our 24 Hour Emergency Service.