Flender Gearbox Repair & Rebuild Services

Why Choose Geartec for Your Flender Gearbox Rebuild & Repair?

Gearbox before repair
Gearbox after repair
Flender Graffenstaden has been a leading producer of high-precision turbo gearboxes for over a century. Flender manufactures industrial and maritime gearboxes for power generation and planetary gear units. At Geartec, we understand the importance of keeping your equipment up and running. We offer 24/7 emergency service to ensure our customers’ operation experiences minimal downtime. Whether you need a unit completely rebuilt or you need a new part, we have the equipment and experience to provide cost-effective solutions. Geartec is a well-known leader in the gear manufacturing industry, so we’re prepared to help with your industrial gearbox repair. Before we begin repairing your Flender gearbox, we conduct in-depth testing to understand which parts need replacing and what parts can be repaired. If the Flender gears are beyond repair, we can produce custom gears to fit your specifications. Our engineers have extensive experience in reverse engineering, gear manufacturing, and maintenance services that you can trust. Our manufacturing capabilities include Flender gears and shafts:
  • Helical
  • Double Helical
  • Herringbone
  • Spur Gears
  • Worm Gears
  • External Ring Gears
  • And More!
Quality is important to us. We strictly follow ISO standards to maintain unrivaled quality. We pride ourselves on our quick turnarounds, emergency breakdown repair, and personalized service 24/7. Don’t let your broken gearbox halt your operation, contact Geartec for Flender gearbox repair services!

Types of Flender Gearboxes

Flender Graffenstaden Gearboxes are known for extensive power applications and offer a multifaceted range of universal gear units, drive types, application-specific gear units, and customized solutions. Flender produces planetary gear units and wind turbine gearboxes; however, the most common types are bevel helical and helical gearboxes. At Geartec, our team of engineers puts a heavy focus on helical and bevel helical Flender gears and gearboxes.
  • Bevel Helical & Helical Gearboxes: One of the most popular types, Bevel Helical and Helical units are ultra-reliable and include a broad range of gear units. Applications include conveyor drives, agitator drives, hoist drives, dryer drives, and more.
If your Flender gearbox fails or breaks, it could result in costly downtime. At Geartec, we offer Flender gearbox repair, rebuild services, standard maintenance, and an in-depth analysis of industrial gearboxes. We serve a variety of markets and applications to keep their operation or plant running. We are always here to help! Our team works in continuous shifts to offer 24 Hour Emergency Service.

Cooling Tower Gearbox Maintenance You Can Trust

Custom gear CNC milling
Industrial in size and performance, Flender cooling tower gearboxes feature a unique design that’s engineered to handle extreme hot and cold temperatures quickly and almost simultaneously. They are often an important part of an operation’s total thermodynamic circle and must be maintained to Flender’s exacting standards with the right cooling tower gearbox parts; otherwise, the cooling tower fan can fail. At Geartec, we understand the unique mechanics of these industrial gearboxes and have the experience to service, repair, and rebuild the gears and drives on all Flender cooling tower gearboxes, even if your cooling tower features a custom-designed unit.

What Factors Can Lead to Cooling Tower Gearbox Failure?

Gearbox before repair
Gearbox after repair
When downtime is simply not acceptable, turn to Geartec for your Flender cooling tower repair needs. We offer decades of experience working on Flender equipment, and we’ve seen most of the major factors that can lead to gearbox equipment failure. Our knowledge helps us troubleshoot solutions quickly and helps you fix minor problems before they can hinder your entire operation:
  • High operating temperatures. Flender cooling towers are engineered to handle high operating temperatures, but this exposure can eventually lead to worn parts.
  • High humidity conditions. From ice to high-heat steam, gearboxes must be able to withstand water in all its forms and at its most extreme.
  • Wearing of gears. Over time, gears can experience wear due to many issues, including vibration. Let us help you inspect and repair gears before they need to be rebuilt.
  • Lack of maintenance. Because of the extreme conditions cooling tower gearboxes undergo, they must be cleaned and checked on a regular basis. If not, simple fixes can lead to larger repairs or necessary rebuilds.
  • Improper lubrication. We can not only fix issues caused by a lack of lubrication, but we can also help your maintenance team understand how to properly lubricate gears for better performance.
  • Environmental factors. Exposure to dust or other particulates can slowly wear down gears or drives. Proper maintenance can help offset this wear, but sometimes it can be unavoidable, especially if your facility experiences any type of extreme environmental event, including flooding, prolonged power loss, or other concern.

Our Cooling Tower Capabilities

At Geartec, we understand the need for cooling towers to keep temperature and humidity conditions under control. Gearboxes are paired with cooling tower motors to reduce fan speed and allow for a smaller, more cost-effective motor. Gearboxes in cooling towers act as a torque multiplier to take some stress off the motor.Because of large cooling tower applications, it’s imperative that maintenance and service issues are addressed regularly. Our team can help with routine inspection and gearbox repair. Cooling tower gear drives- Cooling towers require a functioning gearbox to reduce motor speed for an operation free of excessive sound and vibration. Premature gearbox failure can drastically impact your plant. Geartec has the expertise to replace any broken gear elements or completely rebuild your unit. Inspection and Maintenance- Being proactive and having your gearbox inspected and maintained regularly can significantly extend service life. Cooling tower gearboxes take on large loads at high-capacity production plants, so cooling tower service should not be overlooked.

We Service Gearboxes Across a Variety of Industries & Applications

Flender cooling tower gearboxes are used in some of the largest commercial and municipal applications that require process heat rejection. We offer experience working with a variety of high-use, high-stress conditions, including:
  • Biomass power plants
  • Oil & gas power plants
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Any field erected cooling towers or package-type cooling towers