Gear Machining and Industrial Gear Manufacturers

At GearTec our primary emphasis is on heavy equipment requiring reliable gearing to keep industry operating. Gear Machining and Industrial Gear Manufacturing is our specialty. At GearTec we are Geared To Meet Your Needs!

Industrial Gear Manufacturers

Large, Custom Gears are Big Business

GearTec is the large gear manufacturing arm of United Stars, Inc.—specializing in the custom fabrication of heavy-duty, precise industrial gears up to 100 inches in diameter.

Gear Machining | Industrial Gear Manufacturers
Large Gear Application

Industrial Gear Services

Gear manufacturing, gear cutting, gear machining, custom gear manufacturing, large custom gears, gear shaping, gear hobbing, gear tooth grinding, fly-cutting, worm threading, sykes cutting, gear assemblies, heat treating, induction hardening, flame hardening, and broaching.

Gear Machining

Find Our Gears Underground, Overhead, and Offshore

Our gears are manufactured primarily for OEMs and users serving a wide range of industries and product applications, including tunnel boring, mining, movable bridges and offshore drilling.

Our products are hobbed, shaped, milled and ground to AGMA Class 8 or better.

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Gear Machining | Industrial Gear Manufacturers