Gear Manufacturing for a Wide Variety of Applications

Gear Manufacturing – Size is Our Strength

We believe we have found our niche. We are the right size so we can listen carefully and respond quickly to customer gear manufacturing needs. We deliver exactly what you request, exactly when you want it.

Gear Cutting

We offer gear cutting services especially for large applications. Geartec services include hobbing, broaching, gear machining, gear shaping and tooth grinding.

Gear Manufacturing – On-Time Service is Our Signature


Gear Manufacturing - On Time ServiceAt the core of our high performance track record is superior gear manufacturing service. We “deliver” at any level customer service demands. That means we are flexible and adaptable enough that we can execute on a regular lead time basis or react and respond to a breakdown situation.

You can count on GearTec for the highest level of quality at every level of service.

Our Gear Manufacturing Processes are Proven

Our gear manufacturing layout supports a JIT concept and facilitates our reputation for on-time deliveries, affordable costs, and short lead times.

We continue to enhance the lean manufacturing concepts already in place in order to minimize waste and maximize delivery times and service. We are completely committed to improving the value stream and delivering the highest quality, most affordable gear products to our clients.


Gear Manufacturing Shaft Assemblies