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We are a High Precision Bull Gear Manufacturer Facility

What’s keeping your production running? From motors to pumps to heavy machinery, chances are industrial gears are making things turn. At Geartec, we deliver custom manufacturing of industrial bull gears – the largest gears at use in your equipment. These gears drive the energy behind any machine or mud pump. The right raw materials, dimensions, design, and forging process ensures these gears keep running through any application, from high-stress industrial settings to 24/7 use for oil and gas pumping facilities. Advanced technology allows us to manufacture gears that meet and exceed high-performance and reliability standards. As one of the leading bull gear manufacturers, we work with you to manufacture the specific gear you need that’s the same or better than the OEM equipment it’s replacing. Geartec is ISO 9001:2015 certified, meaning you can trust that all gears will be manufactured to high-quality standards. Our focus on quality manufacturing and restoration means you’ll always get a superior product that saves you time and money long-term.

What Services Do We Provide?

Whether you need emergency repair or regular maintenance on your mud pump or machine, Geartec posesses the capabilities to produce the replacement gears you need.

Custom rebuilds

Our experts use reverse engineering and precise measurements to create quality bull gears that are tailored to your needs or specifications. Beginning with deconstruction, our team will analyze each element to create a precise copy and make improvements. Geartec has mastered the reverse engineering process so that customers can expect high-precision gearing solutions every time.


Whatever industry you’re in, we know that without your bull gear performing correctly, your operations can suffer. We offer 24/7 emergency services to tend a broken-down unit or manufacture new gears. We can even perform regular industrial gearbox inspections to catch any potential issues and fix them before they result in costly downtime.

What’s Different About Our Manufacturing?

Geartec is one of the most respected bull gear manufacturers in the entire industry. Every bull gear we manufacture starts by using your original bull gear or manufacturing print as our guide. Using precise engineering processes, measurements, and equipment, our reverse engineering experts make sure the custom-made bull gear is compatible with the machinery. We put the manufactured gears through a hardening process to reduce the risk of cracking and extend the life of your unit. Our reverse engineering and manufacturing process ensures replacement parts align with original manufacturing specifications. We are proud to be one of the leading bull gear manufacturers in the U.S.A! Geartec has produced precision gears in Willoughby, Ohio for over 30 years.

Industries We Serve

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Heavy Construction
  • Shipping Terminals
  • Mining
  • Power Generation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Marine

Bull Gear FAQs

  • How do bull gears get damaged?
  • Excessive loads can damage bull gear teeth. Even a one-time large load can damage a bull gear beyond repair. Assuring the bull gear used is the correct size and material for the job can help eliminate or reduce the risk of damage. For high-performance applications, quality makes all the difference.
  • What could go wrong if bull gears get damaged?
  • Bull gears mate with the jackshaft to generate the pump’s power. Mud pumps rely on these large gears to run the machine. Despite their large size, the teeth of bull gears can become worn or damaged, especially if the material the gear is made from isn’t the correct grade or has been given the proper heat treatment for the job. A broken bull gear could halt your operation, resulting in costly repairs, downtime, and potential safety issues.
  • What is the difference between bull gear and pinion gear?
  • Gears can’t work in isolation. For any gear to turn, it requires a second gear to help spur the motion. The bull gear is the larger of these two gears. The pinion gear is smaller than the bull gear.