Our full line of services are available to provide repairs and replacements for any emergency situation that arises at your facility.

Emergency Gear and Gearbox Repair Service

Metal gears grinding

GearTec offers emergency breakdown analysis and industrial gearbox repair services to allow our customers to get back up and running in the quickest amount of time possible. As an industry leader, we ensure urgent cases are expedited in order to provide speedy, reliable service on your gearbox project:

  • 1 Receipt of Emergency Gear Project Following the assigning of a unique job number to your urgent gear request, GearTec photographs all gear parts and ancillary components, immediately, as the unit enters our shop.
  • 2 Visual Inspection GearTec performs a visual inspection before disassembly.
  • 3 Disassembly GearTec disassembles every unit, using extreme care to prevent further damage and to catalog each part.
  • 4 Clean & Disassemble Once GearTec thoroughly cleans & disassembles each component to ensure accurate inspection, we perform nondestructive testing of each reusable geared element.
  • 5 Gear Identification Using decades of experience and state of the art reverse engineering equipment, GearTec verifies sizes and gear geometry of each gear and pinion requiring repair or replacement.
  • 6 Accurate Quoting Based on Findings, GearTec supplies the customer with a detailed evaluation report, including photographs, and provides a detailed quote based on findings.
  • 7 Emergent Repair & Rebuild Once an order is placed, GearTec begins the rebuild process, starting with ordering all necessary bearings, seals, breathers, sight glass, bolts, etc. through a quality assurance process.
  • 8 Assembly & Testing All gearboxes have tooth contact checked and backlash recorded as well as all shaft end play recorded as well. A no-load spin test is performed at the top-rated speed of the gearbox to verify correct operation before shipment.
  • 9 Handle with Care Upon completion of your gearbox rebuild, GearTec securely crates or skids your gearbox for safe transport to your designated facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we need prints for GearTec to quote?
  • No, we can arrange shipment of your parts to our manufacturing plant for reverse engineering. Our technicians can also travel to your facility to reverse engineer parts that can be accessed, if necessary.
  • What heat treat options are there for gears and pinions?
  • Geartec heat treat options are carburized, induction hardened, through hardened and Nitride.
  • Can we reuse our gears?
  • Yes, you can often reuse a gear or gearset. GearTec can clean up gear teeth by kiss grinding a gear and making an oversized mating pinion
  • What is the difference between herringbone and double helical gears?
  • A double helical has a gap in the apex where a herringbone has no gap.
  • Do you have a service technician who can look inside my gearbox or at my loose gears?
  • Yes, we do! Our team members are willing to travel to review gearboxes at the customer’s plant. Ask a representative for more details by contacting us today!
  • Can you look at my drawings and tell me if they need to be upgraded or updated based on current technology?
  • Yes, our highly trained specialists and engineers are ready to help with nearly any application. Please reach out to us and one of GearTec’s experts will contact you!

Important Questions To Ask Before Service

Man working machinery
There are a variety of questions customers can use to pre-evaluate potential service needs. Below are factors to consider when determining your immediate emergency needs:
  • What are the housing & borer conditions?
  • Is the lubrication system in need of improvement?
  • Should you improve seal design to extend seal life and prevent leaks?
  • Have you conducted a gearbox health assessment?
  • GearTec offers reverse engineering to manufacture gearing improvements with emerging technologies and provide recommendations through identifying critical spare parts.
  • Are you using preventative maintenance practices or conducting visual inspections of your bearings?
  • You may need a bearing health assessment to effectively and quickly assess current conditions.

Proven Expertise in Gear/Gearbox Repair And Replacement

There are various physical, visual and audio signs from your equipment that can indicate a need to diagnose for any needed repairs or replacement. The list below shows some of the most common issues that necessitate further inspection:
  • Gear teeth showing uneven wear
  • Gears have missing teeth
  • Noticeable damage to gear shaft
  • Bearing failure – bearing is spinning in the housing
  • Bearing cage failure
  • Bearings rollers have severe pitting
  • Inner/outer ring cracks, or vibration analysis shows mechanical looseness
  • Gearbox was “noisy”
  • Excessive backlash on gear mesh
  • Excessive bearing endplay

Emergency Gear/Gearbox Replacement Manufacturing

At Geartec we have decades of experience in delivering high-quality gear repair and rebuild services. For common yet urgent gear and gearbox repair situations we provide quick, efficient service to our customers. We can repair and manufacture replacements for many of the industry-leading OEMs.
  • Brevini
  • Eisenbeiss
  • Elliot
  • Falk
  • Farrel
  • FL Smith
  • Flender
  • Foote Jones
  • GE
  • Hansen Transmissions
  • Horsburgh & Scott
  • Lightnin Mixer
  • Link Belt
  • Lufkin
  • Konecranes
  • Philadelphia Gear
  • Philadelphia Mixer
  • Maag
  • Nuttall
  • Terry
  • Siemens
  • Westinghouse
  • Wilson
  • Winsmith
  • and more!