GearTec is the “one stop shop” for all gearbox repair, analysis and rebuild projects. Our in house reverse engineering, housing and assembly cleaning, analysis, gear manufacturing and quality assurance measures makes GearTec a leader in the gearbox rebuild market.

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GearTec offers rush breakdown analysis and rebuild services that allow our customers to get back up and running in short order. Situated near Cleveland Ohio, GearTec has vast resources to quickly obtain the necessary material, bearings, seals and other critical ancillary items necessary for swiftly completing gearbox rebuilds.


GearTec has emerged as an industry leader for gearbox repairs, rebuilds and analysis. With onsite gear engineers, full gear and gearbox reverse engineering, disassembly, gear manufacturing and gearbox rebuild capabilities- GearTec is the “one stop shop” for small, medium and large gearbox rebuilds. Situated just east of Cleveland Ohio, GearTec has immediate access to any gearbox related bearings and materials needed to successfully complete your next gearbox project.
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    Equipped to meet your immediate demand.

  • Reverse Engineer Any System

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GearTec offers immediate gearbox analysis and assures that your next gearbox repair, rebuild or planned outage is our top priority.


GearTec has been a gear industry leader for over 25 years. With advanced technology and state of the art machinery, we produce high quality, custom gears of up to 94” in diameter and 198” long shafts. GearTec’s manufacturing, gearbox repair and reverse engineering capabilities create distinct advantages for our clients.
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    We know gears and gearboxes.

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