Custom Herringbone Gear Manufacturing

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Why Choose Geartec For Gear Manufacturing Services?

Geartec is the industry leader in manufacturing custom herringbone gears for varying applications. Herringbone gears play a significant role in mining, power generation, extrusion, and agricultural processing. Our team of experts is prepared to help you through the entire manufacturing process from conception to application. Precision gearing requires years of experience, a high-performance track record, and superior machinery. Geartec checks those boxes and guarantees your experience is world-class. Whether you need a herringbone gear manufactured from scratch or you need a quick repair, we can deliver. At Geartec, on-time service is our signature. We can deliver on a series of manufacturing needs and can adapt to regular or breakdown situations. Our team is committed to excellence in quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. Geartec has the in-house expertise to deliver the highest quality, most affordable custom gearing!

Herringbone Gearing Process

Our products are carefully manufactured with precision, so they fit your desired specifications and handle heavy axial loads. Herringbone gearing requires a cutting process that includes sykes cutting or milling to generate the herringbone tooth form.
  • 1 – The process begins with choosing a material that fits the application or designed specifications.
  • 2 – Once the material is chosen, the material rotates, and the cutting tools begin to shape the helical gear teeth to a predetermined form and AGMA gear quality specification.
  • 3 – Once the finishing tolerances are achieved, our team of trained inspectors and quality experts verifies that all components are within the agreed design and manufacturing scope before shipment.

Our state-of-the-art equipment can produce herringbone gears within these reasonable standards:

Herringbone Gears
DP 2–12
OD to 96″
FACE to 50″

Herringbone vs. Double Helical Gears

Herringbone and double-helical increase efficiency and transfer power smoothly while producing a minimal sound level. This smooth power transfer can be attributed to the unique design, allowing multiple helix angled teeth to mesh simultaneously. While herringbone and double helical gears are often grouped into the same category, they have one noticeable difference: A herringbone has closed, “V” shaped teeth, while the double-helical gear has teeth that do not converge to an apex, leaving a groove in the middle. The design of herringbone teeth eliminates the axial load, leaving only a radial load. Both Herringbone and Double Helical gears are responsible for power transmission from the driving shaft to the drive shaft. Compared to helical and spur gears, double helical and herringbone gears can handle a larger thrust load required by heavy machinery and other applications. Geartec is known for precision gearing services. We pride ourselves on our quality material, high-tech equipment, and proven process. Whether you need a herringbone gear manufactured or need a repair on an existing unit or gear, we are here to help.