Winsmith Gearbox Repair & Rebuild Services

Why Choose Geartec for Your Winsmith Gearbox Rebuild & Repair?

For over a century, Winsmith has manufactured gearing technologies for a wide variety of markets and applications. Winsmith produces worm, planetary, planocentric, epicyclical, and helical gear units that work as gear reducers and motion control. The New York based company also manufactures Perfection Gear products that produces rotation drives, swing drives, winches and lift equipment. Geartec understands that you need your equipment to be up and running at all times. We offer emergency service 24/7 to make sure any downtime is minimal. Whether it’s a complete rebuild or just new parts, Geartec has your back. As a well-known leader in the gear manufacturing industry, we’re prepared for all of your industrial gearbox repair needs. We first conduct in-depth testing to find out what parts need replacement or if there are any parts that can be repaired. If the gears are beyond repair, we are able to customize gears according to your specifications. Our engineers have extensive experience in reverse engineering and repairing gears. They can be trusted to fix your unit and get you back up and running. To maintain a consistent quality in all our products, we strictly follow ISO standards. Our quick turnarounds, emergency breakdowns repair, and personalized service 24/7 allow you to count on us when you need us most. Don’t let your broken gearbox interrupt your operation, contact Geartec for Winsmith gearbox repair!  

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Types of Winsmith Gearboxes

Winsmith produces a broad range of worm gear reducers, motion control, and custom gearing solutions to reduce and control output speed in numerous systems.
  • Right Angle Speed Reducers contain an input and output shaft that are aligned perpendicularly to each other, creating a right angle. There are multiple types of right angle reducers but worm gear systems are the most cost-effective and widely used.
  • In-line Speed Reducers are designed to increase the torque and reduce speed. In line reducers have an input shaft that is aligned with the output shaft.These machines used in a system with other components, such as planetary gears, so they can work more effectively.
  • Motion Control products are focused on high precision and low backlash. Low backlash levels means there is a clearance between gear teeth, allowing room for lubrication and expansion.
If your Winsmith gearbox fails or breaks, don’t panic: we offer industrial gearbox rebuild and repair services. We can also provide in-depth analysis and 24 Hour Emergency Service.